Famke Janssen Jokes About Rumored Wolverine Cameo 0

famke janssen

In the most recent edition of Total Film’s digital magazine, Famke Janssen (who played Jean Grey in the X-Men movies) addressed the rumors surrounding her supposed cameo in the upcoming X-Men: Origins sequel, The Wolverine. With tongue firmly pressed in cheek, the actress denies the rumor while making a sarcastic joke:

“I heard! I’m very excited about those rumours [laughs]. After a three-year hiatus and not being able to work because I was developing my own movie, any roles are welcome. So I hope X-Men 10 comes around, with Jean Grey in a wheelchair.”

Before anyone misunderstands the comment as Janssen dismissing everyone who ever wished to see her again as the most powerful telepath in the world (technically, Jean Grey is the most powerful when she’s in her Phoenix persona, but falls way below Professor X when she isn’t), Janssen is willing to reprise her role if asked (there’s no one from the original cast list who doesn’t want to return, come to think of it. Marsden hasn’t been asked, but he’ll be forgiven if he doesn’t considering what they did with Scott Summers.), but so far nobody has contacted her.

Via: TotalFilm.com