Famke Jansen Teases Jean Grey Return

Famke Jansen Teases Jean Grey Return 0

Famke Jansen Teases Jean Grey Return

Patrick Stewart has recently dropped hints that he may be returning to the role of Professor X in the X-Men movie franchise. Now it is Famke Janssen who is dropping suggestions that her character, Jean Grey, may be due for a return in the next X-Men film.

The Jean Grey character died in the last X-Men film, after being overtaken completely by the Pheonix entity. Janssen teases that the character may find some way to reincarnate itself, true to its name:

“One never knows,” said Janssen. “Jean Grey, the Phoenix… she finds a way to reincarnate herself constantly, so one never knows. Stay tuned.” Could she crop up in Days Of Future Past, then? Given that there are separate timelines involved, it’s a possibility.

Days Of Future Past is the upcoming sequel to X-Men: First Class, and will see Kitty Pryde sending a message from the future to her younger self warning the X-Men that the assassination of Senator Kelly will lead to the rise of the Sentinels and the fall of mutants as they are hunted down and locked up in concentration camps.

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