Eric Roberts to Star in The Human Centipede 3 0


We have reached a point where people have been desensitized to Tom Six’s The Human Centipede franchise that it was no longer considered shocking when they revealed that part 3 will have an entire prison population being turned into one giant human centipede. However, that doesn’t hold true for the casting, as it comes off as a surprise when they announced that Eric Roberts would be joining the cast for Human Centipede 3.

Now, Eric Roberts is no stranger to hammy scripts and performances, but he’s a veteran of the industry and even his hammy performances tend to be from well-loved franchises (the Doctor Who movie may be subpar by a lot of people’s standards, but it’s still held in high regard due to the pedigree of the franchise). However, the Human Centipede seems like the bottom of the barrel for most fans, particularly because Roberts was recently playing a really good role in a critically acclaimed movie, The Dark Knight.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Roberts will be lining up alongside former porn actress Bree Olson for Human Centipede 3, which should be a good indication of what kind of overt the top b-movie we’ll get. Plot is scarce as of this point, other than Six’s prior announcement that the film will feature a 500-person human centipede.