Disney Considering a Yoda Spin-Off Movie 0


It’s no secret that Disney is starting to think of ways on how they can make the most out of the newly acquired Star Wars properties, with a potential series of spin-off movies being bandied about. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter has stated that Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan are already exploring possible storylines that will shed more light on the franchises’ rich roster of supporting characters. A rumor has now emerged concerning the first character to be focused on.

According to AICN, the first standalone movie will focus on the mean, green, little form IV light-sabering machine himself, chief Jedi Yoda. Whether it’s going to be a flashback to Yoda’s past (hundreds of years of material, right there) or a continuation of his story after episode III is not known.

In case you’re getting excited about a Yoda Ataru-ing the crap out of everything in his own movie, you should keep in mind that Lucas himself is very active in pitching projects, and according to AICN, Lucas was also pitching Jabba the Hutt as the focus of the spin-off. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn’t try to pitch a certain Gungan who will never be named.

Source: AICN