New Director Confirmed for The Expendables 3 0

New Director Confirmed for The Expendables 3

Sylvester Stallone has recently taken to Twitter in order to provide more updates for the forthcoming third installment in his Expendables franchise, this time announcing that Red Hill’s Patrick Hughes will be taking over the director’s seat.

Stallone’s announcement came in the form of a series of tweets that initially started out as a teaser for the director’s identity, followed by the unveiling of Hughes as the new director:

“Found an exciting director,” began the first tweet, before Stallone addressed the rumoured involvement of John Woo. “Love John Woo but he is working in China. EX3 needs freshness, class, and much badass…. Found it…Blood Sweat and Fears, coming soon.”

“Hey , Everyone should go look at Patrick Hughes short film on U-Tube It is called SIGNS. It will move you in a GOOD WAY. You will LOVE it!”