The Dark Knight Rises Will Be Rated PG-13 0

The Dark Knight Rises Will Be Rated PG-13

The MPAA has already awarded an official certificate to The Dark Knight Rises, with the final installment of Nolan’s Bat-trilogy earning a PG-13 Rating. Before you start worrying about whether they cut out or changed some of the dark and violent themes in the movie to get a family-friendly rating, you should do well to remember that The Dark Knight was originally awarded the same PG-13 rating when it was first shown in the US, and that movie was as dark as Batman movies can be.

The Dark Knight was actually the subject of some controversy when it first came out, particularly in the UK, where it got the equivalent of a PG-13 (12A), even though critics felt that the implied violence and dark themes were unsuitable for a family audience.

The PG-13 rating, assuming that Nolan and Warner refused to tone down the movie, is actually favorable for the studio, as it allows them to reach the maximum audience possible, in what may become their biggest release of the year, as the film is scheduled to open in 35 territories in July alone.