Dane DeHaan Reveals New Image for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 0


It seems like you’re missing out on a lot of fresh new teasers for upcoming films if you don’t have a Twitter these days. Bryan Singer and Sly Stallone’s antics are well known, and just recently, The Amazing Spider-Man cast member Dane DeHaan tweeted a new image that provides fans with a first look at the new Harry Osborn.

DeHaan – who plays Harry Osborn in the film – tweeted the image with the caption “Breakin’ it down #Osborn style… Yo”, and it shows Peter and Harry in what looks like an office at OsCorp (based on the OSC… found on the wall.)

dane dehaan new image for spider-man

Oscorp seems to be playing a more prominent role in the new film, since it has both Norman Osborn (played by Chris Cooper) but there’s no word yet on whether one or both of them will be antagonists (note that neither Harry nor Norman were villains at first).

Via: Twitter

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