Comic-Con 2013: Batman Superman Team Up Movie Confirmed 0

Despite all the previous bits of news that made a Superman-Batman team up movie highly unlikely, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder has appeared at the conclusion of the already amazing Warner Bros and Legendary panel at the 2013 Comic Con panel in order to confirm that the sequel for Man of Steel will be a Batman-Superman movie.

While details of the plot were not given away, Snyder asked Man of Steel actor Harry Lennix to read out a line from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, which seems to hint that Batman and Superman might not be on the same page in the film: “I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.,” read Lennix in his authoritative tone. Snyder clarified that the line was just a hint, and not a direct indication of where the story will go.


Then, BAM – a Superman logo with a Batman logo atop it appeared on the screen, and fandom everywhere shook with glee.

No other details have been announced at this time. The Man of Steel cast, Henry Cavill included, is set to return in full for the film, but what of Nolan and Christian Bale, who supposedly hung up the cape after Dark Knight Rises? Will this be a true sequel to the Superman franchise, or is this an Avengers-like crossover, starting the path to a Justice League movie? Possibly dubbed World’s Finest?

Regardless, this pairing of the planet’s two most famous comic book icons is sure to set the intrawebs aflame for months to come. Stay tuned to MightyGeek for more info as it becomes available!

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