Colin Farrell in Line for Warcraft Movie Adaptation 0

warcraft farrell

It seems that Duncan Jones’ much-awaited big screen adaptation of Blizzard’s Warcraft videogame franchise is already moving forward with the casting process already underway, as reports that an actor has already been approached for the lead role.

According to Deadline, Collin Farrell has already been offered the role, but is currently mulling over his options before entering advanced talks. There have been no details regarding the characters that Farrell will play should he accept, but previous reports have already stated that Jones’ adaptation will focus on the Orcs & Humans storyline from the original RTS games instead of the MMO and its expansions, which means the race of creatures on the table will be fairly limited (no Pandas, thank god.)

Directed by Jones from a script by Charles Leavitt, production is set to begin on the film in January. There is no release date yet.