New Clip for The Wolverine 0


Disney’s Marvel and Warner Bros’s DC Comics have recently dominated the news circuit with new footages and announcements about their flagship franchises, which somehow overshadowed the comic book franchises from Fox’s side of the fence. So it’s up to HBO to shine a little bit of spotlight on Hugh Jackman and James Mangold’s The Wolverine, via a new clip shown through an Advanced Notice segment featuring the actor and director.

The new clip perfectly encapsulated one of the key aspects of Jackman’s portrayal of Logan: the badassery complemented by deadpan delivery of his one-liners. In the clip, Logan confronted a Japanese playboy who’s tried to mess with his new love interest, Mariko. And we all know The Wolverine-his definition of “confrontation,\” doesn’t end with an assertive voice and a glare. Check out the clip below: