New Clip For Snow White and the Huntsman 1

New Clip For Snow White and the Huntsman

It’s going to be a showdown between Bella and Thor himself in this new action-heavy take on the classic fairytale. The new clip features Charlize Theron’s wicked Queen Ravenna ordering Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman to venture into the dark forest on a very important mission (basically, murder Snow White).

Ravenna’s main problem is that Snow White (played by Kristen Stewart) has escaped her and went into hiding in the dark forest, said to be so dangerous that even the queen herself would not dare to enter. Of all the people in her kingdom, only the Huntsman has been able to enter the forest and live to tell the tale, unfortunately for her, the Huntsman is not too fond of being bossed around, by Queen or no.

Take a look at the clip in order to see what went down:

Snow White And The Hunstman opens in the UK on 1 June 2012.