Christopher Nolan Wants Matthew McConaughey to Lead Interstellar 0

matt mac

Christopher Nolan is currently shopping around for a leading man for his upcoming sci-fi flick, Interstellar, and he reportedly has his eyes set on former rom-com pretty boy turned effective character actor Matthew McConaughey.

According to, Nolan has already offered Matthew McConaughey the part of Cooper, who is the lead character in the property that was initially helmed by Steven Spielberg, before Nolan was handed the reigns earlier this year.

Interstellar is inspired by the scientific theoris of Caltech physicist and relativity expert Kip S. Thorne, who theorized that time travel is possible through wormholes. The plot details for the movie itself are still scarce, and all that we know so fat is that it’s going to be scripted by Christopher’s brother Jonah.