Christian Bale Offered $50Mil to Come Back as Batman? 0

christian bale

There’s rumor going around that actor Christian Bale has just been offered a whopping $50 million USD to reprise his role as the Batman for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, which is reported to be a Batman vs. Superman film.

The noteworthy thing about this rumor is that its source has been identified. According to Entertainment Weekly, the rumor is based on an excertp from an e-book titled Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story Of Christian Bale And His Dark Dilemma, in which author Vincent Russell related a New Year’s Eve 2012 discussion with a contact at Legendary Pictures, who said “He could probably make $50m for being in the movie 20 minutes,” when asked about a potential Justice League film.

Looking at the source of speculation, we’re doubting that Bale will actually return to the role, even if the rumors about being offered $50M are true. And we’re basing this on the actor’s track record of being principled to the point that he’d do harm to himself just to get a role right.