Chris Evans Clarifies Marvel Future 0


Chris Evans recently generated a lot of online buzz after suggesting that he might take a break from acting in favor of directing once his contract with Marvel ends. The statement led to a lot of rumors that the actor is considering bailing out on the rest of his Marvel contract.

Evans has since taken time out of his busy schedule in order to clarify his statement, confirming that he still has two Marvel films left on his contract after Avengers: Age of Ultron, and that he is determined to see them through.

“Oh yeah, this was a big thing!” exclaims Evans. “I gotta watch what I say. I will absolutely clarify. I have a six-movie contract with Marvel and I absolutely plan on fulfilling them.”

“This is without a doubt the biggest blessing in my life. Marvel has literally changed the game for me, and they make great movies. I did direct last year and it was a really fantastic experience, I really enjoyed it.”

“I’m certainly looking to do that a bit more, so when it comes to exploring other acting jobs, I may not be as proactive in trying to find those. I may kind of stick with my Marvel universe in terms of getting in front of the camera, and then getting behind the camera outside of it.”