Chloe Grace Moretz Comments on Hit-Girl’s Potty Mouth 0


One of the most controversial aspects of the first Kick-ass movie, at least for people who are not familiar with the source material, is Chloe Grace Moretz’ portrayal of pint-sized assassin Hit-Girl, who has a tendency to use words that would be offensive for people twice her age.

In the most recent issue of Total Film Mag, Moretz talks about her character (whose real name is Mindy McCready) and the fact that you’ll get to see more of the girl behind the mask:

“In the first one, you saw a lot more Hit-Girl than you did Mindy,” Moretz told us. “I think you saw Mindy two times in the whole story. But in this movie, you see way more of Mindy than you do of Hit-Girl. You see this young girl struggling with who she is.”

Moretz also clarified Hit-Girl’s use of profanity in the first film for overzealous people who complained about an underaged girl being potty mouthed:

“In the last film, I only cussed six times in the movie – I counted! – but each time was really pivotal and it really meant something. And in this film it’s the same – it’s not like she just drops it all the time because she’s older. She only uses it when she’s Hit-Girl. She doesn’t use it when she’s Mindy.”