Chances of Zombieland 2 Happening are Slim

Chances of Zombieland 2 Happening are Slim 0

Chances of Zombieland 2 Happening are Slim

Ruben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad is getting ready to land on UK Cinemas, which gives the director enough time to discuss other projects, such as the sequel to Zombieland. Unfortunately, what Fleischer has to say isn’t entirely positive:

“I hate to do it, but I can say that there’s no immediate plans to make the movie,” says Fleischer in an interview with Collider. “There’s no script, really, so the likelihood of it happening is slim. But I would not wanna put a nail in that coffin.”

The problem is not that the studio is holding the project back. Fleischer believes it is down to timing, in the sense that the right time may have passed:

“Well I think that the studio would be very excited to make it,” he explains. “It’s not that the studio is not excited, it’s that we took one shot at the script [and] it wasn’t something we all got excited to do. And just on a personal level, I was really excited to, having made one movie, to make different movies, not just go back into that world again.

“But now that I have some distance and I’ve done some other stuff, I would be more inclined to go back to Zombieland I guess you could say. But at the time when the talk of the sequel was really – when it felt like it was possible – I was really kind of shying away from it.”

Fleischer also teases us a bit with hints of what might have been:

“Needless to say it was a continuation of the original story with the same characters,” he says. “I guess the only thing I could really say is that the threat to our heroes wasn’t only zombies, like they encounter other people that they’re all jockeying for positions.”

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