Carrie Fisher Confirms Appearance in Star Wars: Episode VII 0


It’s been rumored before that J.J. Abrams is trying to reassemble the original cast of Star Wars and have them reprise their roles in Episode VII, and Carrie Fisher has recently lent credence to the rumor by publicly confirming her involvement.

The actress was recently interviewed by Palm Beach Illustrated on whether she would be reprising her role as Leia, to which she simply answered “Yes.”

It is also reported that Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, who played Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in the original, are in negotiations to join the budding cast list, with Hamill rumored to have already signed on the dotted line.

The film’s reported 2015 release date leaves a lot of time for developments to occur, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see the old guard back.

Via: Palm Beach Illustrated