Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s First Teaser Poster Revealed 0

new captain america poster

Marvel has just revealed a brand new teaser poster for the upcoming sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger, titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As expected of a teaser poster, the design is simplistic, only showing Cap’s iconic shield, only this version has seen better days, with the paint already stripped away (by use or age?) and the surface riddled with scratches and friction burns.

Captiain America: The Winter Soldier is said to be set both in the past and in present day, probably alternating between the two time frames via flashbacks. It will feature the return of Bucky Barnes, who was thought to have died in the first film. Anybody who’s read the comic books will know that the Winter Soldier is Bucky, after he’s been brainwashed by the KGB and given cybernetic enhancements, making him a match for the super soldier serum-powered Steve Rogers.