Cameron Diaz is Making a Sex Tape

Cameron Diaz is Making a Sex Tape 0

Cameron Diaz is Making a Sex Tape

Now that Reese Witherspoon has dropped out of the raunchy comedy Sex Tape, the producers are currently negotiating in order to get Cameron Diaz as a replacement, with Jason Segel set to star as the male lead.

If Cameron Diaz ever signs on the dotted line, it would turn out to be something of a Bad Teach reunion, with Segel and Diaz along with director Jake Kasdan all returning for the controversial movie.

Sex Tape focuses on the story of a married couple who tries to rekindle their relationship by leaving the kid off with a babysitter and filming a sex tape. Of course, there wouldn’t be much of a movie if it all ends there. The sex tape goes missing, and hilarity ensues.

Via: TheWrap

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