Bryan Singer Admits that Leaving X-Men was Traumatizing 0


Bryan Singer admits to being especially motivated when he took over from Matthew Vaughn as director of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and he says that it is partly the result of the way he has left the previous X-Men movie franchise. Singer states that it took a lot out of him to leave the characters that he helped steer onto the big screen:

“I’ve never told anybody this,” he begins, “but I found the whole letting go of the characters for X-Men 3 so traumatising that a friend, who shall remain nameless, had to take me to a secret location and show me the reels so far, just so I could make my peace with it.”

Singer left the X-Men franchise after being given a chance to helm Superman Returns. The director touched upon the movie, stating that it was too “reverential” and that he tried to put too many elements in:

“I really loved the old Richard Donner film and I was too reverential with the material,” admits Singer. “That, and I tried to put too much in. There wasn’t just a love triangle, there was a love quadrilogy.”

Via: Metro