Bradley Cooper Rumored to Play Rocket Raccoon 0


Most of the roles for Marvel’s upcoming big screen adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy has already been filled, leading to a few interesting bits of casting news (such as former WWE wrestler Batista playing a musclebound character and Karen Gillan going from “redhead” to just “head.”) Groot has not been cast yet, but there are at least speculation and rumors floating around. One character that has not been addressed yet is Rocket Raccoon, but that’s all going to change as the rumor mill is now pointing to Bradley Cooper as the most likely candidate for playing the space-faring, gun-toting raccoon.

According to Latino Review, Bradley Cooper has just been offered the role (the previous actor rumored to play the role was Doctor Who star David Tennant). It is worth noting that the Latino Review has had a lot of hits when it comes to rumors and speculation, that their reports can’t easily be dismissed. Of course, it was only said that Cooper was offered the role. Whether he’ll take it – assuming that the sources were accurate – has not been confirmed.