Bill & Ted 3 Signs Galaxy Quest Director 0

Bill & Ted 3 Signs Galaxy Quest Director

Unlike Ghostbusters 3, Bill & Ted 3 seems to be moving towards realization in a more direct, positive way. Aside from all the principal actors giving the thumbs up for the revisit, it has also hired a new director, and it’s someone whose past oeuvre may stylistically fit in with what we expect of a Bill & Ted movie: Dean Parisot, who directed the sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest, and the less cult-followed Fun With Dick and Jane. Parisot is also currently working on the sequel to geriatric action vehicle Red’s sequel.

Both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter will be returning to reprise their roles, and original creators Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon have already penned the script. According to the creators, it’s a genuine sequel instead of a remake or torch-passing reboot. But don’t bank on the movie yet, since they still have one big hurdle ahead: Bill & Ted 3 is still looking for a studio that will co-fund the movie with current rights-owner MGM.