Better Get Used to Ben Affleck 0

ben affleck batman

The fan outrage over Ben Affleck landing the role of Batman generated a lot of negative buzz on the Internet these past few days, with many fans feeling that casting the View Askew veteran is a misstep for Warner Bros, with disapproval reaching the point where online petitions were made and circulated. However, a recent report by The Hollywood Reporter (via Heat Vision) reveals that fans need to get used to having Affleck around DC’s movie properties.

According to Heat Vision, Affleck has actually signed a contract that ties him to a multi-film deal, which means Man of Steel 2 is only the beginning of his stint as the Caped Crusader. Additionally, it was posited that the deal could even open the doors to Affleck finally accepting the job that he turned down a few months ago: directing the Justice League movie.

Not that Aflleck is hurting for projects. The success of Argo ensures that he has a steady stream of projects lined up, with David Fincher’s Gone Girl and his own Live By Night being prime examples.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter