Bay Says Everything is Redesigned for Transformers 4 0

Transformers 4 redesign

Michael Bay has recently talked about what people can expect from the fourth installment in his Transformers movie franchise, confirming that it’s not going to be a reboot. The movie will start 4 years after Dark of the Moon, but will have a new cast, and there’s a whole lot of stuff that will be redesigned from top to bottom.

“We’re going to start off smaller,” explains Bay. “There’s a brand new cast. To freshen the franchise we’ve redesigned everything from top to bottom. The history of the first three movies is still there, we start four years later and there’s a reason why we’re meeting a new cast.

“Mark [Wahlberg] is really excited about it and it’s a great redesign,” continues the director. “I said that 3 was going to be my last one. Paramount was letting me do Pain & Gain and the Transformers ride was opening at Universal and it was bittersweet to think of passing it off. I wanted to set it up on a really sure footing and to bring someone else in on that, it would have been overwhelming.”

And while he’s not giving anything away in terms of plot, it’s clear that something fairly seismic has taken place in those four intervening years.

“We keep the Transformers the way they were, it’s just four years later,” he says. “There’s a reason the Transformers are redesigned. We’re trying to broaden the franchise and give it more places to go.”

Via: Forbes