Batman Reboot May Get Delayed Due to Justice League Problems 0

batman trilogy

Warner Bros.’ planned Justice League movie has been problematic since day one, simply because DC wasn’t able to prepare their movie continuities the same way Marvel did. Now they’re left with no choice but to push the release back to as far away as 2020 (otherwise, they’d have to release a shoddy product). It’s been rumored previously that the Justice League movie is at least dependent on the performance of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, but it turns out the studio’s plans are a little bit more complicated.

According to Batman On film, the rumors are that a strong performance by Man of Steel will make Warner turn the Snyder Superman movie into a trilogy before focusing on a superhero team up. However, should the Man of Steel perform poorly, the studio will then focus its resources on rebooting the Batman movie franchise with a new stand alone movie featuring a new man in the suit. Should the Man of Steel and new Batman movie perform according to the studio’s expectations, we’ll get our Justice League movie on 2020. Otherwise, you may want to ask your children to build a time machine so that they can send you a Blu Ray copy when the Justice League movie finally materializes.

Source: Batman On Film