Batffleck’s Costume Will Be Based on Batman: Noel? 0


There are a couple of new rumors floating around regarding Zack Snyder’s upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, which will feature Batman going up against Superman. It seems that people have already pretty much stopped resisting the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, and while that discussion has already died down, it’s been replaced with discussion on the kind of Batman that the actor will portray.

According to CBM, Affleck’s Batman will be wearing a costume based on the one depicted in Lee Bermejo’s 2011 Christmas Carol-inspired yarn, Batman: Noel, which has the dark knight wearing a more grey-themed suit instead of the usual black.

Additionally, Batman on Film has reported that Snyder’s version of the Batmobile will go back to the more traditional car-like design, instead of the military-like, tank-inspired Tumbler from Chris Nolan’s trilogy.

While both are unconfirmed rumors as of this point, it’s certainly a welcome one as people will most likely want Snyder to distance his own take from Nolan’s version, even if it’s just going for unique for uniqueness’ sake.

Source: CBM & Batman On Film (via