Barbara Broccoli Claims That She Can Make Mendes Return to Bond 0


A few weeks ago, Sam Mendes has already confirmed that he will not be returning for the follow-up to Skyfall. But in a stunning show of self-confidence, producer Barbara Broccoli believes that she can convince the director to return, if not for the first film then at least further down the line.

“We will get him back,” says Broccoli. “We haven’t given up hope… maybe not for the next one… but we will get him back again.”

“We are working on him,” confirmed Broccoli’s fellow producer Michael G. Wilson. “We hope that maybe he will have gotten inspired to come back.”

It should be worth pointing out that Mendes is actually open to the possibility of returning. In fact, the director gave a statement that leaves the doors open in the future:

“I’ve definitely left the door open,” Mendes says. “I’ve never really repeated myself, done the same type of movie one after the other, so just give me a chance to think about what I actually want to say.”

Via: Getty