The Avengers trailer comes in Marvel and Swedefest sizes 0

The Avengers trailer comes in Marvel and Swedefest sizes

What would be more exciting about Marvel’s upcoming super blockbuster, the Avengers? You’ve got your Captain America, Nick Fury, Scarlett Johansson as who cares, a third Hulk, and of course Robert Downey Junior played by Iron Man. There’s also no doubt going to be tons of other little nods to the world of comic books, as fans and nerds alike rejoice in the spectacle. Truthfully, it almost doesn’t matter if the movie is good, because it’s going to be good. Working with Disney, Marvel has already cranked the hype train along, recently at New York Comic Con, as well as in their awesome teaser trailer for next year’s film. What was unexpected, however, was a group of folks known as Dumb Drum to come along and blow the original away, remaking the trailer in their own vision.

Marvel’s official version

The marvelous work of Dumb Drum’s Swedefest entry

Marvel’s official trailer is up top, with the work of Dumb Drum below. And, OK, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference, but we gotta say we’re damn impressed. There’s a corniness to Swedefest’s, with paper effects and mouth-made background music, but it’s also incredibly well crafted! Parts are matched scene for scene, the effects look surprisingly cool, and even the funny parts are funnier!

It’s not unlike Jack Black’s Be Kind Rewind video, with homemade remakes of Men in Black, Ghostbusters, and Rush Hour 2. In fact, the term “swede” (as in “Swedefest”) actually comes from the Jack Black film, where the characters try to play off the low budget remakes as official versions made in Sweden.

After seeing Be Kind Rewind, we absolutely enjoyed the movie remake parts more than the sappy Fats Waller / closing store story (…was that what the film was about…?). It was our non-dying deathbed wish to see these types of remakes get the dedication they deserve.

Swedefest has apparently taken that ball and run with it, allowing folks like those at Dumb Drum to recreate films (and trailers) in the home made style. Give their site and competition a look, and be sure to give Dumb Drum’s Avengers remake a nod of approval.