The Avengers Hits $1.5 Billion Worldwide 0

The Avengers Hits $1.5 Billion Worldwide

Marvel’s The Avengers continues to dominate the global box office, which is impressive considering the fact that it’s been in theatres for months and there’s already a DVD-quality being shared via torrent sites (just goes to show that even with filesharing, movies that really deserve our money will get said money)

The current domestic total of The Avengers has now climbed to $615.5 million, making it the third highest grossing film of all time, behind Titanic on $658.6m and Avatar on $760.5 million.

The picture is the same when it comes to all time global box office rankings, with Titanic on $2.1B and Avatar on a jaw-dropping $2.7B, while the Avengers reached a staggering $1.5B. The World’s Greatest Detective is not to be outdone, though, as The Dark Knight Rises has also passed the $1B mark. It’s possible that The Avengers will beat Titanic (which, frankly, doesn’t have as much shelf life as Marvel’s superhero powerhouse), but it’s very unlikely that James Cameron’s 3D masterpiece will be knocked off the throne anytime soon.