Assassin’s Creed Film Will Feature Michael Fassbender as Star and Co-Prod 0

Assassin's Creed Film Will Feature Michael Fassbender as Star and Co-Prod

Michael Fassbender is currently the golden boy of Hollywood, probably owing to the fact that every single film that he has starred in (X-Men: First Class, Haywire, Shame, Prometheus) has met with some level of success regardless of the film’s overall quality. Now, Fassbender is poised to bring his Midas touch to the film adaptation of the hit videogame franchise Assassin’s Creed, as its lead star and co-producer.

While originally in talks with Sony, Ubisoft has since decided to go indie and develop the Assassin’s Creed film on their own, in order to secure greater creative control over the adaptation. Sony can still end up as the distributor of the film, but the rest will be handled by Ubisoft Motion Pictures.

According to Ubisoft reps, Fassbender was the first choice to play Assassin’s Creed’s lead, stating that “Michael (Fassbender) is an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed actor.”

As for the story, Ubisoft says that it’s too early in the game to know which character it will be based on, and there’s no guarantee that Fassbender’s character will be Desmond Miles.

“The storyline isn’t bound by a certain era or even a set of characters,” they continued. “That kind of freedom gives us great flexibility in creating the movie.”