Arnold Schwarzenegger To Return for Terminator 5 0


A few days ago, it’s been reported that Paramount is trying to secure the distribution rights for the 5th installment in the Terminator movie franchise, and while it’s not a direct indication that the series will be returning soon, a new piece of news did confirm that we’ll be treated to another helping of the robot apocalypse-oriented franchise. But there’s another piece of good news: the man who became the face of Skynet’s army of robot assassins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will be returning to the franchise via Terminator 5.

“I’m very happy that the studios want me to be in Terminator 5 and to star as the Terminator,” confirmed Schwarzenegger in an interview with fansite TheArnoldFans. “We start shooting in January and I’m also going to do King Conan – to play that role and also to do another Twins movie.”

Via: TheArnoldFans