Arnold Schwarzenegger to return as an angel in Black Sunday 0

Arnold Schwarzenegger to return as an angel in Black Sunday

It seems that the Governator is not finished with guns, explosives, and fisticuffs, as the action movie veteran has several action film projects lined up besides his Expendables 2 appearance: Schwarzenneger is currently filming Last Stand while preparing for a role in Black Sunday (formerly announced under the title ‘Black Sands’), as an angel.

Black Sunday was originally announced as a western of sorts, but there have also been comparisons to High Plains Drifter and Man On Fire, and the Gov himself added to the confusion when he let it slip that he’s going to play an Angel in the movie.

“I’m a kind of angel,” Arnold tells the website TheArnoldFans, “I can not currently say more about this film.”

There is no further clarification for Arnold’s statement and it could be interpreted in several ways, but that has not stopped people from taking it literally and concluding that Arnold is going to play the holy winged soldier of god kind of Angel, probably because the statement reminded people of End of Days, which dealt with a similar subject matter (even though Arnold didn’t play an angel in the movie).