Arnold Schwarzenegger to Fight Zombies in Maggie 0


Zombies are showing no signs of stopping when it comes to their well…zombie-like approach to dominating the big screens, as we have another zombie movie with a big name star in the works, via the upcoming feature titled Maggie, which is produced by, and will star, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In what seems like a workable prequel to The Walking Dead’s Governor character (assuming that you didn’t read the comic and don’t know his backstory yet), Maggie focuses on a devoted father who is living through a zombie holocaust, who comes face to face with his worst nightmare as he realizes that his daughter has become infected, and is slowly inching her way towards becoming one of the undead.

Of course, that’s the synopsis provided by the studio. And we’ll watch it anyway even if the plot is distilled down to “Arnold Schwarzenneger Fights Zombies.”

Via: Variety