Will Arnett Discusses Ninja Turtles Role 0


Some people may think that casting Will Arnett for the role of Vernon Fenwick (who was a side character in the original series who’s most significant contribution is to start a rivalry with April O’ Neil by stealing credit for her stories) is a waste of talent, but in a recent interview with Zap2It.com, Arnett assured fans that his version of Vernon is different and will have a more positive role in the fight against evil:

“In this version, Vernon is April’s cameraman, so they work together as opposed to him being her adversary,” says Arnett. “He’s a little reluctant when she starts talking about [how] she found these vigilantes and they’re turtles and all this stuff and he kinds of looks at her like she’s crazy.”

“Once the action gets going and she kind of gets in trouble, Vernon steps up and helps her and then he becomes part of it as well. He helps April help the Turtles.”

“There’s some really great action sequences that I’m super psyched for people to see,” continues Arnett. “They were really fun to shoot; very physically demanding… I’m not going to say I’m an action star, but it was fun being in it.”

Via: Zap2It.com