Amazing Spider-Man 2 Will Address Questions from First Film 0

spider-man 2 questions

Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man was well received by fans, and was even considered by some to be better in tone and approach to Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie, but one of the gripes with the film is that it made an effort to set up the mysterious disappearance of Peter’s parents, but failed to provide any answers throughout the rest of the film.

However, screenwriter Alex Kurtzman has assured fans that said mystery will still be a factor in the sequel’s story, probably hinting at the involvement of Oscorp:

“It’s interesting,” says Kurtzman, “because the first movie asks all these questions and what I loved about it in so many ways is that it didn’t answer them. Part of what we were drawn to and intrigued by was wanting to know the answers to a lot of those questions.

“The villains emerge from a lot of unanswered questions at the end of that movie and none of them are random at all, they are all tied together by a theme, an idea, and I think they come from our curiosity about what was going on in the life of Peter Parker and his parents.”


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