Albert Brooks Will Be Returning for Finding Nemo 2 0

finding nemo 2 albert brooks

Finding Nemo 2 has made a significant step forward with the confirmation that Albert Brooks has signed on the dotted line in order to reprise his role as the over-anxious clown-fish dad, Marlin.

The Finding Nemo sequel was first announced last year, along with the confirmation that John Carter helmer Andrew Stanton will be returning to the director’s chair. The news was then followed by the announcement that Ellen DeGeneres will be returning as the memory-impaired Dory. News became scarce after that, though Pixar was actively promoting the re-release of the original.

No plot details have been given yet, but we can at least assume that Dory and Marlin will be returning. Whether as a couple or not remains to be seen. There’s no release date in sight, and considering that Pixar and Disney are both very busy this year, it’s going to be a surprise if it manages to open in 2016. Just be glad that the Mayans were wrong.