Aaron Taylor-Johnson Being Considered for Marvel’s Quicksilver? 0

Aaron_Taylor_Johnson quicksilver

Many comic book fans find it ironic that DC’s Flash has yet to make a big screen appearance, but Marvel’s less popular and not-as-important speedster, Quicksilver, is generating a lot of buzz as it’s being contested by both Marvel and Fox as far as using the character in their respective flagship superteam movies go.

Fox has already played their hand, revealing that they’re considering Evan Peters for the role. Marvel, on the other hand, have yet to make any announcements, but there are already rumors stating that Kick-ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Marvel’s first choice for the super-fast mutant.

Marvel has not yet addressed the rumors, but given Taylor-Johnson’s profile and creds, and the fact that Quicksilver wasn’t really that important of a character if the pissing match with Fox didn’t happen, nobody’s going to be really mad if the speculations are true.

Via: TheWrap.com