A single week until GoldenEye lives again for Nintendo Wii 1

A single week until GoldenEye lives again for Nintendo Wii

In just 7 days, we’re going back to GoldenEye. It’s been over a decade and-a-half since we last battled on the split screen. Well, minus those few extra nights when we’d go retro and fire up the Nintendo 64 for one last thrill ride. But as the years went on and games like Halo and Call of Duty took their ranking on the list of First Person Shooters, we moved away from our original love affair with James Bond, paintball mode, and, of course, the Klobb. But as the much anticipated remake approaches the debut on the Nintendo Wii, there’s a thrill in the air once more. Now, we can revisit an old friend, then shoot him in the face.

Launch Trailer

Designed exclusively for the Wii, 2010’s GoldenEye 007 replaces Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond with Daniel Craig’s, remaking the film (and video game) that Brosnan originally starred in. They’ve brought back all of the original FPS elements, including some of the classic levels and character animations, but enhanced each bit with updated graphics, sounds, and gameplay elements.

Gamers will get their choice of playing with the Wii Remote, the Remote and Nunchuk combo, or the Classic Controller, which is also available in a lovely golden shade. And, in addition to the one player mode, there’s the local multiplayer splitscreen action that helped every day in the late 90s fade away into a big, bloody blur. Up to four players can split the screen at once, just like the old days, and eight friends can battle it out in the newly added online play. God bless you, Activision and Eurocom. November 2nd is our new holiday.

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