3 New Clips for Men in Black III 0

3 New Clips for Men in Black III

3 brand-spanking new trailers have just been released for Men in Black III, this time featuring whole scenes from the movie, which give you a better idea of what you can expect in terms of action and dialogue, instead of fast cuts that only give short glimpses of key scenes.

The new film has Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reuniting as Agents J and K, but only for a short while as K soon disappears, which forces J to go back to the past (through time travel!) and rescue him, with the help of Josh Brolin, who is the younger version of Agent K.

The trailers show a nice bit of the action, including a chase scene that has Smith and Brolin riding a futuristic unicycle in order to catch an alien biker. The talk-y scenes, however, show Brolin as an effective younger version of Tommy Lee Jones, playing the deadpan foil to a T.