MightyGeek Babe of the Week: Avril Lavigne 0


Yes, it’s a weekly thing now. I hope. It’s just something I decided on my own, without permission from the Mighty Geek himself. Besides, I can only write so much about “babes” without turning Mighty Geek into an online perv wonderland (god knows there are already people out there using the Phil Coulson pages as their personal wank mag.) We’re also kind of iffy about the title Babe of the Week, lest we earn the ire of people who fume at the thought of using said term to describe beautiful women.

So this week, we’re featuring Avril Lavigne. It seems like an odd choice, doesn’t it? She’s way past her 15 minutes and she’s no longer making the rounds in celebrity gossip sites. Chances are you don’t even know that she’s now married to Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger (you probably don’t even know who Chad Kroger is.)

A lot has been said about the dangers of marketing and hype, and the reason we’re featuring Avril is because we feel that she’s a really good example of celebrities who fell victim to the way they were marketed. Not that we’re saying it’s poor marketing – we’re quite sure the numbers on her bank account is way larger than the amount of page views MightyGeek gets in a year – we’re just saying that the way she was promoted and people’s reactions to it overshadowed one simple fact: that for all intents and purposes, Punk or No Punk, Avril Lavigne is one fine-looking babe. You can check out the non-exclusive (we just took them off other sites) gallery below for proof: