Mighty Geek Babe of the Week: Maaya Uchida 0


It’s MightyGeek BotB time again! Only this time, we’re going to skip the top-heavy *wink, nudge* women and go for an adorable little Asian babe. We’re featuring one of Japan’s fastest rising voice (and now live-action) actresses, Maaya Uchida.

According to some sources (that sounds more credible than “the friend of my friend who’s the cousin of a friend that once rubbed elbows with her in a bus stop.”), Maaya Uchida used to work part time in a studio that offered entire studios and models for photographers to “rent” so that they can try out their skills in photography. Before you start thinking dirty thoughts, they just posed for wholesome pictures (okay, there are Gravure-type shots, but nothing that you can’t show on primetime network TV). It was said that the studio was a stepping stone for many models who wanted to become a voice actress, and Uchida is one of the favorites.

Maaya Uchida didn’t exactly burst (heh, I said “burst”) through the scene garnering accolades all over the net at first, as she quietly landed a role as Okami-san in the anime Children and Yuri in The World God Only Knows back in 2010. Voice actresses (seiyuus) actually become celebrities in their own right, but Uchida wasn’t one of the A-listers.

However, she soon landed dozens of new roles from 2011 to 2012, boosting her popularity. And then it happened, she was cast in the live action comedy series Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger, as maid café shop owner and all-around cute babe Hiroyo Hakase (she also voiced an anime character in the series, as well as sung the theme song for the anime-within-a-live-action-show).

Landing an acting role and being seen in person introduced Maaya Uchida to a whole new set of fans who like their women cute, cuddly, and in full 3D. You can check out the gallery below: