Babe of the Week: Karen Gillan 0


New week, new babe! This time around, we’re featuring former Doctor Who companion and current Guardians of the Galaxy villain Karen Gillan. If you don’t like them words stuff and just want to go straight to the non-exclusive (seriously, we just took them out of other fan sites) pictures, you can skip to the bottom. If you’re the type who feels guilty over being a slave to your base carnal urges, you can read further:

The Scottish model-turned actress Karen Sheila Gillan (born November 28, 1987) first became popular all over the globe through her role as the time-and-space-faring timelord’s companion in Doctor Who, Amy Pond. But her career started earlier than that (in fact, she had a minor role in an older episode of the series). Her first regular TV gig was in the sketch comedy series The Kevin Bishop Show, where she played a multitude of characters (including a spoof of Katy Perry.)

Currently, she is set to play the space pirate Nebula in Marvel’s big screen adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy. The announcement during the 2013 San Diego Comic Con was notable as it required Karen to shave her head completely, which got rid of her long locks of trademark red hair. Temporarily, at least. You can check out the gallery below if you want to remember what she looks like as a ginger with a full head of hair: