MightyGeek Featured Babe: April Hernandez 0

Today’s featured Babe is Latina film and television actress April Hernandz, who is also credited as April L. Hernandez and April Hernandez Castillo. The Puerto Rican actress, despite being one of the hottest actresses these days, actually got her start as a comedian, a career that she pursued by dropping out of college, after being inspired by John Leguizamo’s off-Broadway production Mambo Mouth.

Aside from her stand up comedy career, April Hernandez has also appeared in several commercials, as well as on hit TV shows such as ER, Law & Order, 30 Rock, and even the American cult series Dexter.

On the movie side, April Lee Hernandez is more recognied for her role in the 2007 drama Freedom Writers, in which she played the high school student Eva, based on real life high school student Maria Reyes. Hernandez admires Jennifer Lopez, and has gone on record to say that Lopez “opened the door for me so that I don’t have to take certain roles” as a Hispanic-American actress.”