The Xbox May Win the Console Wars Next Gen, According to Analyst 0


Nintendo may have already played its hand with the Wii U, and while that’s at least working out for them positively, this year’s holiday season will start to get exciting as the other two juggernauts of the videogame industry could start showing their own offerings. Analyst Michael Pachter has made some very bold predictions during Austin’s SXSW event last weekend, mainly pointing towards Microsoft’s Xbox as being the big winner:

xbox 720 will win

Pachter didn’t say that the PS4 will lose out and perform poorly, just that the Xbox will come out ahead of the other two. His predictions are a little bit less positive for the Big N, though, as he predicted that the Wii U won’t sell half as many units as the Wii, and that Nintendo’s foothold in the handheld sector will be eroded by the popularity of various tablets as portable gaming devices.

One thing Pachter probably left out is the Ouya, which could end up joining the big three at the top, even if just as a distant fourth. That is, if the devs actually deliver the goods. If it just turns out to be the same crop of thin Android casual games being offered on Google play, the device might not be able to gain a foothold in the market.