Windows 8 Vulnerable to Exploit, Says Adobe 0

Windows 8 Vulnerable to Exploit, Says Adobe

According to Adobe, Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8, will be vulnerable to exploits because of an unfixed bug on the Adobe Flash Player that is integrated to Internet Explorer 10.

Adobe has already fixed the bug in an update that they released last August, but the current version of Flash Player found in Windows 8’s built in IE10 does not have this fix right out of the box. Microsoft states that they will only apply the fix when the OS reaches the General Availability phase, which doesn’t happen until the software goes retail on October 26.

Even though the lack of fix leaves the OS vulnerable to exploits, Microsoft reassures consumers that it shouldn’t take them long to release a Windows Update that contains the patch. An Adobe representative backed Microsoft’s statement in their support forum.

Seeing as to how these things end up, we may be in for another round of botnet plague as malicious individuals use these vulnerabilities to install stuff on people’s machines, especially since pre-beta leaks of Windows 8, which doesn’t contain the fix, are already floating around on file sharing sites.