Wii-U: Random Freezes and Hangs

Wii-U: Random Freezes and Hangs 0

Wii-U: Random Freezes and Hangs

There was a time when Nintendo had a name for manufacturing tough as nails consoles and handhelds, proven by documented proof of a Gameboy that survived an actual grenade explosion, and a Gamecube that can withstand being run over by a pickup truck. There’s also the fact that the Wii was the only console in its generation that didn’t suffer from hardware failure due to the use of lead-free solder.

Now, it seems like the reputation that Nintendo has worked so hard to build has been tarnished by numerous reports of the newly launched Wii U randomly freezing and hanging to the point that it had to be unplugged from the wall in order to be restarted (the power buttons don’t work).

Nintendo have yet to release an explanation for the problems, which are experienced by way too many users to be an isolated incident, but several of their reps have already stated that Nintendo is aware of the issue and are working around the clock for a solution, which will most likely come in the next firmware patch (leading one to believe that the problem is software based instead of actual problems with the hardware.)

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