Video: Legend of Zelda, Pot Smasher 0


Freddie Wong and the fine folks at Rocket Jump have recently released a new fan video, this time featuring the extremely cute violinist Lindsey Stirling as Link (wearing a blue costume, probably from the four swords). The effects are really well done, as expected of any Rocket Jump video, and Lindsey in particular works well as a very mischievous and effeminate Elf boy.

If you’ve ever played even just one Zelda game for a bit, you’ll be able to relate to the video. It’s just so much fun smashing pots sometimes, and it doesn’t matter if there’s a guard there. If you’re asking why she didn’t pick up the gems/crystals, maybe it’s because she already has 99 of them and can’t carry anymore? The pots respawning and Link excited at doing everything again from the start is a nice punchline to the video.

In case you’re wondering why Lindsey Stirling looks so familiar, it’s because she also starred in another Zelda-related video: