Streets of Rage Fan Film from De-Pixelated 0


Back in third grade, I told a girl I loved her and started hanging out at her house simply because her brother had a Sega Genesis and a shelf full of games. As expected, I broke her heart and it was one of the many regrets in my life, but if I could turn back time I wouldn’t change a single thing because the Sega Genesis was TOTES AWESOME.

I don’t remember the girl’s surname anymore, but I still remember that one time I played Streets of Rage for 4 hours straight. I wasn’t particularly good at it, but I got to beat up a lot of thugs along the way. Much like love and relationships, it was the journey that made the whole thing worth it.

I started writing a post about this because De-Pixelated has just released a new live-action take on Streets of Rage and jogged my memory. I still don’t remember the girl’s surname, but I now remember which character I used during that fateful day when I marathoned the crap out of SOR: it was the African American ex-cop and accomplished boxer, Adam Hunter.

You can watch the fan film below, it’s seriously 8 minutes of a black guy in a yellow shirt beating up random mofos: