Star Wars: 1313 Gameplay Trailer on E3 2012

Star Wars: 1313 Gameplay Trailer on E3 2012 0

Star Wars: 1313 Gameplay Trailer on E3 2012

If you’re tired of lightsabering the business out of enemies, the latest game, Star Wars: 1313 may be right up your alley. In their recent E3 2012 demo, LucasArts shows a new game that focuses more on bounty hunters than jedis, and trades lightsabers and force powers for armaments and gadgets.

According to LucasArts, Star Wars: 1313 is a more mature and grittier take on Star Wars, with the game putting the players in the shoes of a bounty hunter smack dab in the seedy underbelly of Coruscant, where he must hunt down marks and uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy using an arsenal of exotic weaponry and gadgets.

Based on the video, it seems that this is a more realistic take on the Star Wars universe, as we’re mostly seeing non-force adepts using human (well, above average human) skill and technology for combat, instead of showcasing the kind of superhuman feats that people more readily associate with the franchise.

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