Sailor Moon Fanzine Kickstarter Shut Down Due to Copyright Debacle 0

sailor moon

In a recent example of why you really need to do some research before taking your fan project to a crowd funding site, the Sailor Moon fanzine titled “Moon Power” was recently pulled by Kickstarter themselves even after raising a little in excess of $8,500 in an effort to mass produce a fanzine that will contain a large amount of tribute art from some really interesting artists (including Adventure Time’s Natasha Allegri).

The decision to shut down the project was not entirely the decision of Kickstarter, though, as it was the result of a DMCA notice submitted by Random House, who distributes Kodansha manga, such as Sailor Moon, in North America.

From Kickstarter’s post of the DMCA notice:

Re: MOON POWER! A Sailor Moon art fanzine

Description of copyrighted material: MOON POWER! A Sailor Moon art fanzine

Description of infringing material: This Kickstarter is for a magazine (or ‘zine) based on copryighted material. It also includes unlicensed merchandise (stickers, patches and posters) as incentives.